W h y C r o a t i a s D a l m a t i a n C o a s t ?

The landscape of Dalmatia is a saga of enormous human effort, which has humanised an area of natural beauty for millennia – stone borders of fields and thousands of uprooted stone piles. Stone was in many ways significant for the history of life and shares the unbreakable bond with the wine history.


T h e S o i l

For months we searched for the perfect soil. The soil on which vineyards were planted a long time ago, but they have been neglected for years. We decided to revitalize the vineyards and revive the history and tradition of those vineyards. After a lot of effort and careful preparation of the terrain, we got a perfect soil composition that will perfectly reflect the terroir of the island Šolta in the organic cultivation of our vineyards.

T h e B e s t G r a p e s

Markus was founded on the idea that Croatia has grapes capable of making world class wines. We hunt for and source only the very best grapes from existing growers with a focus on vines 50+ years old. We have exclusive contracts with dozens of small growers who we work with to ensure the quality and consistency meets our exceptionally high standards.

M a r k u s V i n e y a r d s o n Š o l t a

Our vineyards focus primarily on varietals only grown in Dalmatia for centuries but with the feedback of modern scientific capabilities to ensure the genetic perfection of the vines. Out team spent months searching the island of Solta for the best land possible to grow grapes. When a potential piece of land was identified, soil samples were taken at different depths, put in bags, labeled and sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine if that soil was good

enough for what we want to achieve. The land was selected based on the soil analysis, prepared to the specifications of vineyard special consultants and then the specific varietals of vines were based on the final soil analysis. We let the soil tell us what the best suited grapes would be. Our team is committed to organic growing and maintaining the highest possible standards for viticulture.


A n g e l s W h i s p e r

The first day our vineyard team visited this vineyard, someone commented that “it is so close to heaven you can hear the Angels Whisper” and that name stuck. Situated on the slope of Kozjak mountain, overlooking the city of Split, is a 1ha vineyard of zinfandel vines. This specific area of Croatia is the origin of the vines known as globally as Zinfandel or Primitivo originated in Kastela where this vineyard is located and is still referred to here as Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag.


P o d g r e b e n P r i m o š t e n

The old, free-growing Babić vines of the bark cracked like an old wrinkled face, are scattered around the vineyard and sprouting out of the scarce soil hidden in the pockets of the rocky land. The gentle green branches, growing like an umbrella, are often broken by the harsh winds and fall towards the ground where they save the lacking moist from the relentless summer Sun. While coping with the heat and strong wind for decades, the vines reached deep into the ground to find the nutrients. The stress of the nature and stubbornness of the vines is what makes these grapes so juicy, potent and unique.


L i m e s t o n e R i d g e

The Limestone Ridge” vineyard, on the slope above the rugged and unapproachable coast of Šolta, boasts with surprising history and impressive present day endeavours. The virgin land, hidden below the field of crushed rocks, keeps the story of glorious wine days on the island.


C o o p e r a t o r s

When you choose Markus Wines, you can trust that you are not only getting a high-quality product, but also supporting a community of dedicated and passionate grape growers. Join us in celebrating the rich and authentic flavors of Dalmatia, and the people who make it all possible.