About us

At Markus winery, our commitment to creating wines that reflect the essence of Dalmatia. From the indigenous grape varieties we use to the perfect soil and land we carefully select, every aspect of our winemaking process is focused on creating wines that capture the true essence of the region.


H o w i t a l l b e g u n

It started as a passion for wine and a belief that Croatia has grapes that are capable of producing stunning wines. Slaven and Ivona were respected winemakers at different wineries, producing consistently recognised wines and happen to also be a happily married couple. Slaven approached the Youngs about a crazy idea he and Ivona had, that as a team of them and the Youngs, they could collaborate and create the environment to allow Slaven and Ivona the opportunity to collaboratively make the best wines they possibly could. Through months of discussions around equipment, grape selection, winemaking processes and what direction to go with the wines, it was decided that Markus Wines would become the focus of a team approach to maintaining the history of centuries of growing grapes in Croatian while relentlessly pursuing excellence in wine making.



S l a v e n J e l i č i ć

With his wealth of experience and many great winees behind him now as a part of Markus’ team.
He is a true connoisseur of wine, with a comprehensive knowledge of the different varietals, appellations, and terroirs that make each bottle of wine a unique expression of its origin.


I v o n a J e l i č i ć

Ivona brings extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of winemaking. Her meticulous attention tto detail and precisioon ensures that every bottle that leaves our winery is of the highest quality. Beyond her skills, Ivona’s passion for the art of winemaking is infectious and inspires us all.

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M i n d f u l n e s s o f t h e E n v i r o n m e n t

Markus Wines understands that we are but a moment in time in the history of making wine in Croatia. Our philosophy is that in everything we do, we should try to give back as much or more than we take. Our vineyards are and will be organic, We are taking advantage of technology to monitor soil composition to ensure the integrity of nutrients in the soil is maintained. We are using science to ensure the viruses and mutations in vines are monitored and corrected. We will not lose track of fact that everything starts with the soil and a healthy, sustainable natural environment.


M a r k u s t e a m